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The Coromandel's C95 Radio Station

Marcus Bekker
Cable Guy

Marcus Bekker

Marcus is one of a kind, which is kinda scary because he’s the only one who knows how everything connects, networks, transmits and “works” in general. His love of everything “radio” started as a kid when he first saw the little red STEREO lamp light up on his parents’ car radio.

Since then he’s spent a lot of time on high mountains in rain, snow and sunshine: climbing towers and stringing up antennas. Basically, when you tune to C95 FM, and your radio lights up with the sound of our station, that’s down to Marcus. Conversely, if you tune to C95 FM and hear silence, or static, that’s down to Marcus too… so call him. When he’s not buried in cables, Marcus loves piloting a wee plane called DXI (or Dixi) as shown in the pic here with Whiti in the background. Give him a wave if you see DXI scooting around the Coromandel skies.

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